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This article is about the NES version of Altered Beast. For other versions, see Altered Beast.

Altered Beast (獣王記 Jūōki) came out on the NES (Famicom) in 1990 only in Japan. It was developed by Interlink and Published by Asmik Corporation.


When the heaven and the earth were still chaotic, there was a species of beast men who had the power of humans and beasts, and their high spiritual power allowed them to change into beast warriors. But when they took over the earth and started wanting to become gods, this enraged the gods, and Zeus sealed them inside a stone monument. Since then, a long period of peace followed for many years, and the gods had forgotten the fight.

One day, the underground world was invaded by unidentified monsters. Athena, the daughter of the leader of the gods, Zeus, led an army to the underworld to help the god Hades, but in the underworld she was captured by a Majin. Zeus discussed with the other gods and they decided that to win, they would need the most ferocious and brave warrior in the world, the beast man. A lightning smashed the stone monument near Zeus's temple, and a man appeared from it.
"Go, beast warrior! Go and rescue my daughter Athena!"
The battle was about to begin.


  • Since the NES controller only has two buttons you have to press up on the Dpad in order to jump.
  • Neff's Van Vader form is different, being bigger and stationary. Neff shoots a large wave from the fists in two directions.

New stages and formsEdit

This version of Altered Beast has added three levels with new beast forms and bosses.

  • Stage 2: A forest. The beast warrior becomes a Lion, and the boss is King Ogre.
  • Stage 5: Underwater ruins. The beast warrior becomes a Shark, and the boss is Kraken.
  • Stage 7: A mountain range with several volcanoes. The beast warrior becomes a Phoenix, and the boss is Great Demon.

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