Altered Beast-Master System

Altered Beast is the port of Altered Beast for the Sega Master System.


  • This version is single player only.
  • Has four stages, the werebear stage being removed.
  • The player only needs two Spirit Balls to transform into a beast.


You once were a Roman Centurion, a brave warrior who knew no fear. When you died on the battlefield with courage and honor, you thought you would know peace and rest for all eternity.

But when the evil Neff, Lord of the Underworld, abducted the beautiful Athena, her father Zeus searched for a warrior strong and brave enough to rescue her. He chose you... and brought you back from the grave! And since you would be battling creatures of supernatural power, Zeus gave you supernatural powers of your own.

Withing certain of the enemy creatures were magical Spirit Balls. If you defeated those enemies and took the Spirit Balls, you would gain the powers of the Altered Beast... the power to transform into creatures of awesome strengths and abilities!

From man to strongman... to werewolf, weredragon, weretiger and the ultimate, the golden wolfman! You now had the power to do what no man living or dead had ever done before... battle the demons of the Underworld... and win!

In the distance you could hear the beautiful Athena's cries. Zeus returned you to Earth at the graveyard in which you had rested. Waiting for you were the bizarre, twisted minions of the evil Neff. You began to fight harder that you had ever before... because in your first life your battle cry had been... "Never Say Die!"

Altered Beast
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