Athena with the Centurion and Zeus

Athena (アテナ) is the daughter of Zeus and the goddess of justice and wisdom. She was kidnapped by Neff in the first Altered Beast game, and had to be rescued by the Centurions. Neff transforms her into a dove during the imprisonment and only defeating Neff could break the spell. After the Centurion defeated Neff, Athena flies to the Centurion and turned back to her original form.

In the Japanese version of the game, Athena requested Zeus to be the leader of an army that would fight the Majin's (Neff's) forces, which took over the underworld. While overlooking the state of the battle, Athena is capture and used as a hostage. In exchange of her safety, Zeus and the other gods should not interfere. As they could not act directly, Zeus released the beast men in the hope that they will be able to save his daughter.


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