The Bear,Grizzly, or Werebear (ウェアベア), is one of the transformation from the Centurion in Altered Beast. It doesn't have long range projectiles, but has a petrifying breath and does a spinning attack. This is the transformation from the third stage. The Bear is not present in the Master System version.


  • Bear Breath (ペトリフブレス, Petrif Breath): The Bear's breath transforms enemies (Chicken Stingers, Cave Needles, and Grave Masters) into stone, which can be used as platforms and be broken like normal rocks. Three-Headed Wolves aren't pretrified by this attack. This also petrifies the projectiles of Moldy Snail, which still cause damage but can be broken by attacks.
    • Shock Breath (ショックブレス): This attack replaces the Bear Breath in the NES version. Instead of a short range petrifying breath, the Bear fires a long range projectile with no special properties.
  • Body Spin (スピンボンバー, Spin Bomber): The Bear does a jumping rolling attack. He is invincible while rolling.

Altered Beast (2005)Edit

The Bear Returns in The game As his name changed to Grizzly, He can be unlocked after Completing the Elevator of Doom.


  • Stone Breath: Just like in the original Bear Breath, except with a much wider range.
  • Rolling Bear: Able to cuddle up into a ball and rolling around hitting enemies in your path.