The Bear, or Werebear (ウェアベア), is one of the transformation from the Centurion in Altered Beast. It doesn't have long range projectiles, but has a petrifying breath and does a spinning attack. This is the transformation from the third stage. The Bear is not present in the Master System version.


  • Bear Breath (ペトリフブレス, Petrif Breath): The Bear's breath transforms enemies (Chicken Stingers, Cave Needles, and Grave Masters) into stone, which can be used as platforms and be broken like normal rocks. Three-Headed Wolves aren't pretrified by this attack. This also petrifies the projectiles of Moldy Snail, which still cause damage but can be broken by attacks.
    • Shock Breath (ショックブレス): This attack replaces the Bear Breath in the NES version. Instead of a short range petrifying breath, the Bear fires a long range projectile with no special properties.
  • Body Spin (スピンボンバー, Spin Bomber): The Bear does a jumping rolling attack. He is invincible while rolling.

Project Altered BeastEdit

The Bear returns in the game as Grizzly. He can be unlocked after completing the Elevator of Doom.


  • Stone Breath: Just like in the original Bear Breath, except with a much wider range.
  • Rolling Bear: Able to cuddle up into a ball and rolling around hitting enemies in your path.


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