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The Roman Centurion, known as "Beast Warrior" (獣戦士 Juusenshi) in Japan, is the hero of the game Altered Beast who tries to save Athena from Neff by the orders of Zeus.


The Roman Centurions were once brave warriors who knew no fear. When they died on the battlefield with courage and honor, they thought they would know peace and rest for all eternity. But when the evil Neff, Lord of the Underworld, abducted Athena, her father Zeus searched for a warrior strong and brave enough to rescue her. He chose the Centurions, and brought them back from the grave. And since they would be battling creatures of supernatural power, Zeus gave them supernatural powers of their own, being bestowed with the power to transform into a part animal, part human creature with supernatural strength.

In the Japanese version of the game, they are beast men, the most powerful species on Earth. Their bodies have the power to actively convert spiritual power, and when it reaches the limit, they gain the ability to transform into beast warriors. As they had human intelligence, the power of a beast, and a spiritual power comparable to that of the gods, they overwhelmed nature and other species, gaining control over Earth. When they had no enemies left, they gradually began wishing to become gods, and made others worship themselves as gods. This called upon the wrath of the gods, and Zeus sealed them in stone monuments. Over a thousand years later, the majin (Neff) captured Athena and threatened her safety if the gods interfered with his plans. As they could not interfere directly, the gods decided to release the beast warriors in the hope that they will be able to rescue Athena.


When a Centurion collects an Spirit Ball, he powers up.

  • Level 1 (Normal Body) - The form Centurions starts with, an average man able to walk, punch, kick, crouch and jump.
  • Level 2 (Muscle Body) - His body becomes more muscular, causing his shirt to tear open and his attacks to do more damage. This form is absent in the Master System version.
  • Level 3 (Maximum Body) - His body grows to a near superhuman physique. He has the same attack strength but now walks faster.

Two Centurions. Player 2 in the right.

  • Level 4 (Transformation) - The Centurion transforms into the were beast set for the current stage, which include:
    • Wolf: Has a weak but ranged fireball attack and a powerful vertical thrust.
    • Dragon: Releases electric beams from his mouth and is able to generate an electric barrier around the body to harm close enemies. Same damage as Wolf, but is able to fly.
    • Bear: No ranged attacks. His breath is able to turn enemies into stone and has a jumping rolling attack.
    • Tiger: Fireball that travels in zig-zag and does more damage when player is crouching. 
    • Gold Wolf: Same as Wolf, but stronger and faster.
    • Lion: Famicom version only.
    • Shark: Famicom version only.
    • Phoenix: Famicom version only.

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