The Dragon, or Weredragon (ウェアドラゴン), is one of the transformations from the Centurions that allows them to fly, shoot lightning bolts, and surround itself with blasts of electricity. In the original game it appears in the second stage.


  • Lightning Smash (サンダースマッシュ, Thunder Smash): Also known as Lightning Bolt. Ranged attack. The Dragon releases electric beams from his mouth.
  • Inner Strength (レイバリア, Ray Barrier): Also known as Laser Barrier. The Dragon generates electricity around its body, which acts as a shield and harm close enemies.

Altered Beast (2005)Edit

This version is considered in story to be the Ultimate Genome chip.


  • Lightning Balls: The Dragon uses both his hands to throw balls of lightning that seek out the targets. It can also be charged up to fire multiple balls at once
  • Lightning Breath: Similar to Lightning Smash from the original except now in can be charged up to fire a more powerful one with greater range.
  • Lightning Blast: Just like Inner Strength, the Dragon summons lightning around him to cause damage to his enemies around him. Only with much more range.


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