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Welcome to your Doom! - Neff

Neff, known as Majin (魔神, "magician", "sorcerer", "demon god", ...) in Japan, is the antagonist in Altered Beast. He is a demon god that captured Athena, the daughter of Zeus.

In the Japanese version of the game he is a majin that led an army of monsters to the underworld and took it from Hades in a surprise attack, forcing Hades to seek help from Zeus. Zeus sent an army led by Athena to help, but the majin captured Athena and threatened to harm her if the gods interfere with his conquest.


Neff and his four fakes in the arcade version

Neff is found at the end of every stage, where he transforms into the boss for that stage. Before the final stage, the Neff fought is not his real body. After defeating the fake Neff, his face appears and sucks the Spirit Balls from the Centurion while laughing.

If the Centurion didn't transform into a beast when he finds Neff, he'll leave and the player will need to continue the stage until transforming or until reaching Neff for the third time, at which he'll transform regardless of whether the Centurion is a were beast or not. Also, the amount of points obtained from him goes down:




Neff in his Van Vader form.

  1. Aggar
  2. King Ogre (NES version only)
  3. Octeyes
  4. Moldy Snail
  5. Kraken (NES version only)
  6. Crocodile Worm
  7. Great Demon (NES version only)
  8. Van Vader

Other appearancesEdit


Neff in Wreck-It Ralph


In Wreck-It Ralph in his Van Vader form.

Neff, in his Van Vader (rhinoceros) form, has a cameo appearance in the 2012 Disney film, Wreck-It Ralph as part of Ralph's villains support group, Bad-Anon. Here he has his damaged color instead of the normal gray.

Neff appears again in his Van Vader (rhinoceros) form along with Werewolf, Weredragon and Werebear in SEGA Heroes and he was added on August 27th, 2019, and became unlockable on August 29th 2019.


Neff in SEGA Heroes

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