Round 4: Weretiger is the fourth stage from Altered Beast. The Centurion becomes a Weretiger in this stage. It is the third stage in the Master System version and the sixth stage in the Famicom version.

In Round 4 the Centurion breaches the gates of Neff's underworld palace and tries to discover if Athena is being held somewhere in the vicinity while boldly advancing. A statue of Van Vader can be seen in the background.


Mega Drive manualEdit

You've arrived. In front of the gates to the underworld palace, you stalk angrily, boldly searching for an entrance. Now as Weretiger, nothing can hold you back.

Mega Drive manual (Japanese)Edit


Suddenly, an underground palace appeared before your eyes. Why is it in a place like this! Who exactly made it, and for what purpose? And what will be the fate of the imprisoned Athena...?

Master System manualEdit

In this round you breach the gates of Neff's Underworld fortress! Could Athena be held prisoner somewhere in the vicinity? This you must discover. When you capture the Spirit Balls this time, be ready for a transformation into a powerful Weretiger.

Famicom manualEdit


(Same translation from Mega Drive version)


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