The Tiger, or Weretiger, is one of the Centurion transformations in Altered Beast. Like the Wolf, the Tiger also has fireballs and a jump kick, except that his projectile moves up and down and he kicks vertically instead of horizontally. This is the transformation from the fourth stage.


  • Bouncing Flame (ソニックムーブメント, Sonic Movement): The Tiger's punch releases a projectile that moves up and down in a serpentine way.
  • Pillar of Fire (バーティカルインパルス, Vertical Impulse): The Tiger does a kick thrust up and down.

Altered Beast (2005)Edit

One of the unlockable beast forms in the game that once belonged to Luke's Rival, Brad. He Can be Unlocked by Finding all the Enemy Data's Throughout the game.

Might also be considered the most powerful, considering the attacks and combos are much easier to do compared to UWH, another transformation with stronger attacks but higher difficulty.


  • Darkness Claws:
  • Sprint Attack:
  • Dark Slashes:


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